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Print Farm / Taiga SPB

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In collaboration with the Taiga initiative, and the Dutch Institute in Saint Petersburg, we organised the Print Farm Festival, and the Printed in Amsterdam exhibition.

Printed in Amsterdam was an exhibition about some of the best graphic designers from Amsterdam, spawned from a 600 year print making tradition. The book as an object was an important theme of this presentation. Alongside this theme, Mathieu Lommen ( University of Amsterdam ) and Irma Boom ( books in the MOMA ) gave a lecture.

Furthermore there was a lecture & masterclass by Peter Verheul, known for his typeface design for the dutch government, and a lecture by Vincent Icke about science and beauty.

Print Farm was a series of Masterclasses by
Yomar Augusto - calligraphy
Janus Prutpuss - Silkscreenprinting / Collage
Michele Matyn -Polaroid Photography
Trapped in Suburbia - hands-on graphic design with a playful twist
myself - Pop Arts Graphics, or the art of inking

This was combined by a series of open 'Drink and Draw' events, with themes like Valkyrie, Degas and more.

I would like to express my grattitude to all people involved.

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