Workshop Pop Art graphics

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Pop Art graphics making, and other drawing techniques ( art / illustration / comics )

This workshop will show you various ways to create 1920′s, 1960′s 1970′s style graphics, by hand, no computers involved. Just a new eye to photographic material.

Learn how to break down an image in 2 or 3 colours. Replace colours to make it more surreal. Use CMYK for hand painted printing material. Paint films for silkscreening. Use printmaking approaches to drawing and painting, and vice versa. Work with paint first, following with lines, or the other way around. How to combine raw lines with clean lines for depth. How to pick a technique or approach, to create the feel of an other era. Different ways of creating rasters by hand. Basically all the fun you can have without a computer.

Part 1: Focusses on various methods of breaking down a photographic image, by drawing or painting. Most people know their style of drawing.  Experiment with different drawing techniques, to learn unexpected results. This is not a  ’how to draw’ class, it’s more a compilation of tips and tricks learned by working with many artists.

Constructing shapes out of paint, work with fine flowing ink lines on top. Work with pools of shading, creating more iconographic images. How to shade with horizontal lines, dots, curves.

Part 2:  Is about the applications of these drawing techniques. Combining 2 techniques/approaches in one image,.  How to create murals, paintings, drawings in collaboration with various other artists. Placing images in sequence ( comics ),  intuitive ways of making compositions.

This workshop is about freshening up your view on drawing and painting. Creating versatility in your practice and use of techniques. An example of various drawing approaches combined together

classical style

1940′s style

1970′s style

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