Universo Paralello 11

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This design drawing came to me around fall 2011, and was a combination of several previous and new ideas. The Kali like Aztec godess already existed in my mind. She represents chaos, and the devouring female aspect of the universe.

It echoes a bit the feral Ostrich like birdwomen from some of the comics by Robert Crumb. To combine this with a dancing North American Indian on the left,  the rivers of mid-america, the mountains, and a river of energy/blood, whichever way you care to look at it, was new.  Finally there is an eagle swooping down in the middle. To add some suspense. Nice.

There was some preparation….

First there was the beautiful construction of the chill out stage designed by Michele Petillo

Kindly,  UP supplied me with the best spot for working ever, in front of this stage.

A beach at 50 mtrs, cool seabreeze, and live music played all day.

and the End result, after 8 days of painting in the sometimes scorching sun… The eagle now resembles a bit of a vulture as well, a highly underrated bird in the animal kingdom. A more perfect experience was impossible.

In gratitude, as always.

( esp. to Maina, for getting me there in the first place! )


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